Introducing Rorshach…

One week ago, we introduced a new member to our pack.

The elusive Canis Squirrelus Felineus Lupe Ball of Fur and Magic

Rorshach is an 8 week old Siberian Husky. Which makes him 5% panda bear, 10% dog, 15% squirrel, 10% wolf and 50% cat by my observation. (Disclaimer: If the numbers are off, I never claimed to be a mathematician.)

He’s adapted rather quickly to his new home. I’m sure it helped that J’ouvert is absolutely in love with him. She’s kind of like a dingo, only instead of eating the baby after she steals it, she wants to raise it herself and indoctrinate it into the way of the Malinois. Which generally involves lots of biting and destruction.

A husky and a malinois? Am I insane?

Yeah, probably.

At least it’s never dull.

P.S. A “Rorshach” is the inkblot test psychologists use to analyze their subject’s perception. It’s also the name of one of my favorite characters from the graphic novel and movie Watchmen.

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