NaNoWriMo Day 2

Feeling really sluggish tonight, almost forgot I hadn’t written a blog post yet. Ooops.

Still doing better than expected, and yet I feel as though I’m not doing nearly enough. This is the danger of comparing yourself to others. Competition has it’s benefits but, Scorpio that I am, tend to obsess and then end up giving myself a panic attack (…which, not so Scorpio like. I blame my Moon being in Gemini).

So I will take deep breaths and remember that I am doing very well for someone who hasn’t been in the habit of writing for months. So all things considered, my progress should be good enough for me.

Target Word Count: 3334

Daily Word Count: 1698

Total Word Count:  4089

Scenes Completed: 1 2/4

I’d share a snippet but honest to God, I’m just not that brave right now. I would hate to subject any of you to my NaNoWriMo quality writing…or lack thereof.

To skip Midnight Write or not to skip Midnight Write…remains to be decided.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Day 2

  1. you’re doing fantastic for 2 days! Keep writing and eye on the prize mon amie.

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