The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch by Joely Sue Burkhart

A Zombie Category Romance

Because even zombies deserve a happily ever after

Self Published October 1, 2012.  NOTE:  In 4th quarter 2012, all proceeds will be donated to Rebuild Joplin to help with the tornado recovery.

Rich, gorgeous and powerful, renowned world-wide restaurateur Yiorgos Michelopoulos has it all. Except for the Midwestern ma-and-pa diner that somehow keeps winning the coveted fifth star over his own top-notch restaurants. The stubborn owner refuses to sell and beats him year after year. Infuriated, Yiorgos accepts the man’s risky bet, never knowing the secret to Remy’s success. Until it’s too late.

When he slips on the ring he won along with the diner, Yiorgos activates a curse that spreads decay through his body like a cancer.  Only someone of Remy’s blood can stop his zombie transformation, but the man died soon after losing his restaurant. Luckily, he did have one lone daughter. The plump, frumpy kitchen witch ought to be easy pickings for a playboy like Yiorgos Michelopoulos. But one taste of her Death By Chocolate cake might just be the death of him.

Devastated by the loss of her father, the family signet ring and their restaurant, Claire Remy’s only hope for supporting her mother is to earn a teaching spot at the Wizard Council’s Academy. Without the family signet ring, she must retain her virginity or lose her power entirely.

Which makes the gorgeous Greek a very dangerous man.

Disclaimer: I did not pay for this book, it was given to me as a review copy upon my request. Thank you Joely!

WARNING: DO NOT READ WHILE HUNGRY…or do the smart thing and have snacks at the ready. This is a dangerous book for foodies!

The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch is my kind of fairy tale: fun, heart-wrenching, and sexy all at the same time! If there’s anyone  I know who can pull of a Zombie Romance, I had absolute faith Joely was that author. Joely Sue Burkhart’s books are passionate and rooted in the sacrificial nature of love, which makes for engaging and emotionally stimulated reading. Added with her unique ability to sprinkle light-heated humor, a healthy dallop of tantalizing sex scenes, fascinating characters and world building dynamics, it’s all apart of why she’s my go-to author for romance.

Yiorgos is not your typical zombie, and he definitely doesn’t go around eating braaains, so for the HEA crowd, there’s less of an ick-factor. I say “less of” because there’s still the curse to contend with, but our “Alphahole” hero more than makes up for that with his wicked sexy and domineering charm. Clare Remy, our just-because-I’m-a-virgin-doesn’t-mean-I-have-to-take-your-bullshit heroine, is his perfect match, giving him tit for tat and more often than not a taste of his own medicine. There’s a scene in this book that will live on as one of my favorite scenes ever and it happens very early on, where Clare gets one over on Yiorgos with nothing more than…well, I wouldn’t spoil it for you. *g*

I honestly couldn’t tell which were yummier…the sex scenes or the cooking scenes.

While this book is definitely worth your time on it’s own merits, you should also know that all proceeds for the 4th quarter of 2012 will go towards restoring Joplin, which was devastated by a Tornado one year ago.

So please do treat yourself to this delicious fairytale. You can purchase The Zombie Billionaire’s Virgin Witch at either Smashwords, Amazon, or B&N.


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